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Corporate Yoga

Statistics reveal that the corporate segment is one of the fastest growing clientele for Yoga and stress management institutes.

Companies are beginning to realise that their employees need a structured solution to manage stress and large corporates, multinationals and employee-friendly companies have already set the ball in motion.

With the influx of foreign companies, the organisational culture is changing and companies are becoming more open to trying out new methods to boost employee productivity and morale.

As a result, Yoga is gaining acceptance as an effective tool, which can well be the beginning of a health revolution.

Working people, especially the young blood, are now realising the importance of the age-old traditional art and science of Yoga and are ready to make that 360-degree turn.

Benefits of Corporate Yoga

  • Promotion of Positive health at the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Social plane.
  • Improved Efficiency in Performance & Emergence of effective Team Spirit.
  • Prevention and Self-Management of Stress Ailments like Hypertension, Angina, Insomnia, IBS, Migraine etc.
  • Happy homes and better domestic life with peaceful living.


The Sanskrit word mudra is translated as 'gesture' or 'attitude'. Mudras can be described as psychic, emotional, devotional and aesthetic gestures or attitudes. Mudras are a combination of subtle physical movements which alter mood, attitude and perception, and which deepen awareness and concentration. A mudra may involve the whole body in a combination of asana, pranayama, bandha and visualization techniques, or it may be a simple hand position.