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Case Studies

Ankylosing Spondylitis with severely altered Lumbo-Sacral Alignment

  • A. Severely altered Lumbo Sacral alignment in HLAB27+ person with Ankylosing Spondylitis September 2011

  • B. Improved Alignment by February 2012 After 6 weeks of Ayurveda Therapeutics

  • C. Completely normalized Alignment on subsequent Radiological studies after 5 months of follow up Ayurveda medications at a maintenance dose.

  • Compare A, B and C with normal healthy alignment / curvature of the Lumbo Sacral Spine

Advanced Degenerative Osteo-Arthritis before and after 4 weeks of Ayurveda Therapeutics

Degenerative Osteo-Arthritis
(Note the radiological changes w.r.t Osteophytes after a 3 months treatment)

Inter-Vertebral Disc Prolapse - Before and After 5 weeks of Ayurveda Therapeutics

Infra Patellar Bursitis effectively teated by team of Therapist at Vedic Wellness

Pleural effusion with suspected tuberculosis teated over a period of 2 months

Chronic Dermatitis being treated by team of Therapist at Vedic Wellness

Psoriasis of chronic nature

Ankylosing Spondylitis (Lumbar Lordosis with Severe Rt sided muscle spasms normalised) with Ayurveda treatment by team of Therapist at Vedic Wellness

Grade 2 Fibrosis of Liver with Hepatomegaly successfully treated at Vedic Wellness

Demyelinating type of Axonal degeneration successfully treated at Vedic Wellness